Did someone say snow?

Did someone say snow? Winter weather has a number of benefits for children. Winter weather brings children opportunities to explore changes in their environment from sunny spells to autumn chills and snow days. Our children explore the outdoor areas are in all types of weather. Children burn off mor

Let’s grow!

Let’s Grow! Growing is so much fun! Gardening and growing activities are a fun and enjoyable way in which children get to explore so many different topics. We learn about nature, where food comes from, science, growth, nutrition and most importantly about caring for our environment. Look at th

Why is sensory play important?

Why is sensory play important?     Sensory play is any play that stimulates your child’s senses. Taste, smell, sight, hearing are all part of sensory experiences. Language development, fine motor skills, problem solving, cognitive growth and social development are all benefits of sensory play. S

Children’s Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week    We celebrated children’s mental health week at our nurseries. We encouraged children to talk about and understand our feelings and emotions and focused on expressing ourselves. We did this through helicopter stories, mark making activities, sensory play